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hello good day all and welcome to the world of cartoon happy here you can talk about cartoon and many more I hope you get a lot of fun

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Team Skullgirl vs Hst

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1 Team Skullgirl vs Hst on Fri Jul 10, 2015 9:08 pm


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The trinity,double,Eliza,marie,annie,skullheart,skullgirl, army robo fortune and brain drain vs hst
who win?

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2 Re: Team Skullgirl vs Hst on Fri Jul 10, 2015 9:08 pm


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Aeon is the Trinity’s reclusive goddess of time who observes history from beyond this world. Using her Parasite, Khronos, she is able to manipulate multiple timelines, watching how they play out while snagging the occasional collectible. Is her appearance in the roster merely a phantom possibility from another timeline, or did she find the means and willpower to venture out of the comfort of her own home?
She is mentioned in Eliza's Story Mode, when Double accuses the diva of having killed her and Venus during her reign of terror as Neferu
Aeon’s attack themes may be similar to Double’s in that she wields hypothetical versions of characters to attack, conjured from the distorted reflections on her hourglass. She may use figures from the past, characters that have not been seen yet, and alternate versions of the cast including ones where they have become the next Skullgirl. Her own attacks would be themed after sand, glass, and Khronos’s serpentine incarnation with animations that don’t always flow forward. Playing off of her shut-in otaku tendencies, some of her moves may bring in her accumulated merchandise.
In contrast to Isaac who can only travel through time, Aeon is a divine being with the ability to manipulate time itself, including alternate timelines. She may be able to capture moments on the battlefield to unleash later, like a bubble in time containing all attacks executed within its bounds. Then there is the usual slew of abilities to consider like rewinding time, slowing it down, and stopping it.

Venus is the Trinity's restless goddess of space, wielder of the otherworldly Parasite, Abaddon. She grows tired of waiting for Mother's plan and calls upon her unwilling foothold on the outside in a small act of rebellion. Her physical form is deceptive, as the true nature and size of Venus and Abaddon exist beyond the threshold of human comprehension.
The lady is only the central part of a much larger creature. If the rest of her is visible, the observer has already been engulfed. There is no safe place when fighting her as the very fabric of the universe unravels into mouths, claws, and locusts devouring her prey’s flesh from every angle.
Venus’s own body tantalizingly distorts to reveal monstrous elements. Body parts bloom from seemingly nowhere, sometimes releasing swarms of locusts to assault opponents from every angle. She can open holes in space, move and teleport in unexpected ways, or even distort the playfield itself. Even her own attacks may be displaced and modified.
Reality bites.

brain drain:
Lab 7's only successful psychic experiment, most of Brain Drain's body was destroyed in the disaster which consumed the facility. The experience left him doubtful of human reliability, so as far as he is concerned anybody who falls short of his expectations is to be replaced. Because of this ruthless approach, he soon became the widely-feared second-in-command of Lab 0. An expert at analyzing others, he even believes he can construct superior mechanical replicas.
Brain Drain is the "psychic director" of the highly secretive ASG Lab Zero. Peacock, Leduc, Ileum, Big Band, and the other creations of ASG Lab 8 appear to have free will and stay on friendly terms with Dr. Avian (who is possibly unware of Brain Drian's true intentions). Brain Drain controls Painwheel against her will, suggesting a more villainous set of ethics and a sadistic streak. Valentine hates Brain Drain and may have been forced to work on the kidnapped Carol under his direct influence.
At the end of Painwheel's story he is shown looking down to Painwheel as she is in a state of depression, sadness and anger after her heartbreaking run in with her parents after they've seen her physical monstrous appearance. As Painwheel is grieving Brain Drain makes himself known by telling her to head back to the lab at Lab Zero because he had much to discuss with her, however upon seeing Brain Drain Painwheel calmly says to him "Do you really think you can control me...?" before quickly becoming enraged and telling him that he's next
Brain Drain is calm, cool, sophisticated, and incredibly arrogant. With his strong psychic abilities and robotic body, he is able to glide around with the greatest of ease. The extending needles on his fingers and head are used to read someone’s mind, alter their memories, or even control their body. His snapback attack may possess the enemy player as he takes over their body and forces them to fight their own team members. He’s also able to attack with various psychic beams from his head. He might have some sort of ability where he analyzes and deconstructs an enemy’s attack, customizing a part of his move-list and projecting it back in holographic format.
"Stop hitting yourself! No, wait...keep going

queen Nancy:
Nancy Renoir was the former queen of the Canopy Kingdom, wife of King Franz, mother to Umbrella and Parasoul, and the last owner of the Skull Heart before Marie
Queen Nancy wished for peace between the warring kingdoms. Her wish was granted when their armies formed an alliance with her husband, the King (whose current status is unknown). However she was also brought down.
It was because of that tragic event that Parasoul decided that she should destroy the Skull Heart so no one could repeat the tragedy her mother met.
Double mentions how Nancy used to come to the Grand Cathedral every day to pray for peace while noting Parasoul's anger at her and Valentine for trying to keep her from getting to Marie and Umbrella.
selene contiello:
Selene Contiello is the mother of Squigly and wife of Roberto Contiello. She was the Skullgirl before Queen Nancy. Selene and her family were once in a close relationship with the Medici's until Double tricked her into obtaining the Skull Heart. Soon the Mecidi Mafia found out about her ownership of the heart and proceeded to assassinate her family in order to seize the Skullheart for themselves. It is unknown how many people were killed during this event, though it is shown that Squigly was at least a victim in the attack. Selene, in a sense of desperation at the loss of her family, wished for her slaughtered family to return back to her, unintentionally transforming her into the next Skullgirl. Under the influence of the Skull Heart, she killed her husband, Roberto, who had warned Leviathan to "Stop anybody who gets close - even me!" before the Parasite made Squigly his new host. Her wish was granted when her family was reanimated as undead and commanded the undead legion as the Skullgirl.
14 years after Selene had become the Skullgirl, Squigly reawakens from the dead with the emergence of Marie. After successfully defeating Marie, she discovers that it was Double in disguise who had tricked Selene in a bid to foil their relationship with the Medici Mafia - a deed in which she had succeeded in.
annie mother:
Her mother was a previous Skullgirl who wished Annie to be a child forever

The trinity:

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